Core 77 : last features

Feature Two

Design and the Elastic Mind Review by Alex Terzich

"...Like so much good science fiction, here science is the stage set for playing out the tangle of human relationships and emotional ambiguities that unfold when the technology that connects us begins to infringe upon or even claim our affection."

Feature Three

New York Toy Fair Gallery

Live from New York, ages 0-100+

Feature Four

Beyond Fashion: Reviving Experimental Design by Scott Klinker

"...Where student dreamers used to push the market with experimental thinking, now the market moves faster than student imaginations. Ideas, forms, and paradigms move fast in a networked environment, quickly revealing the difference between easy trends and authentic authorship."

Feature One

Stockholm Design Week Gallery

Every year, for five days, creative contributions from all over Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark gather here. Stockholm Design Week is growing and by far the biggest design event up north. This year's event is about recognizing young designers and their first steps in setting new standards for the future of Scandinavian design.

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