Typography: My Fonts Specials

Every once in a while, MyFonts sends out a Special Edition newsletter offering a handpicked selection of fonts which although pretty fantastic, never made any of our Rising Stars or Best Of lists. In this issue we feature twelve fine faces that have been noticed by experts but have not yet met with mass success. A dozen original and highly professional designs by high quality micro-foundries. Enjoy!

All special fonts HERE.

Concursos: Felicity - Change your city, change your life
International Graphic Design Competition

Felicity is an international competition that involves graphic designers, architects and schools to represent the City on a human scale. It is an opportunity for graphic artists from all over the world to express, manifest, symbolize and imagine solutions for a better city capable of improving the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Sensitive themes:
• Integration of different cultures and religions
• Citizen needs: Youth, Disabled, Children, the Aged, Outcasts...
• Technological innovations
• The Community as protagonist
• Interaction between urban areas and nature
• Safety

The project will culminate with an exhibition of selected works in October in Venice.

More information: www.felicityproject.it