Packaging: LH2O by Pedrita


Even though I'm constantly bemoaning the over-abundance of bottled water, I have to admit, I am really quite taken with this design by Portugese firm Pedrita.

LH2O is a research project on a new form for Água de Luso (Luso water) and the result of a collaboration between Pedrita studio and the Luso brand. This project aims to find not only a new form for this liquid, but also to come up with a bottle that illustrates the qualities and unique properties of Água de Luso, which has been part of the life and body of the Portuguese for over 150 years.

LH2O is not an interpretation of water as element, but rather a reinterpretation of its form. It is an innovative packaging solution that protects and maintains the purity of its content – Luso natural mineral water – while seeking to optimize and ease storage, transportation and display, as well as handling and consumption.

You can read more about the project at Pedrita's website. More images (including some behind-the-scenes process shots) below/after the jump.






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