Round 3 Banner Design Contest - Win a Copy of FontBook!

Before we begin Round Three of the International Poster Design Competition we wanted to give you all a chance to win a cool prize by designing two banners for round three!

In round 3 you will be asked to design a poster using only fonts provided by and textures provided by Round 3 will be coming soon, so in the meantime we would love to see what you can do with the banners we will use for round 3!

1 Copy of FontBook from valued at $99!

Banner Specifications

  • Size: 640 x 300, 72 DPI and RGB Color Mode


  • Size: 398 x 514, 72 DPI and RGB Color Mode

Text That MUST be Included

  • International Poster Design Competition
  • Sponsored by:,, and
  • Hosted by
  • Round 3 - Typography
  • Wine a 16GB iPhone & Many Other Prizes
  • Finalists Will Compete for a Full Page Ad in PRINT Magazine!


  • Both banners MUST match in style such as color, fonts used etc.
  • Only text, colors and textures may be used in the banners
  • No photographs or vector artwork
  • Any fonts can be used as long as copyright permits
  • 1 submission per person
  • Submissions and comments are moderated before accepted!
  • You must be able to email us the PSD file for both banners if you win
  • One winner will be chosen at the end of the competition

How to Submit

1. Create your two banners

2. Upload your two banners to the flickr group and tag it “Round Three Banner”

3. Leave a comment on this post with your name, email and a link to your submissions in the flickr group

Start Date: Saturday July 19th 2008
End Date: Wednesday July 30th, 2008

fonte: YouTheDesigner

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