Advertising: Koleston - Natural Colors Change

Grande prémio na categoria de Outdoor nos Dubai Lynx 2008 (Festival de publicidade para o Médio Oriente e Norte de África):

«We selected a 4mX3m Outdoor positioned on a promenade. The location chosen has an unspoiled view of the sea and skyline behind it. Women go there for their daily jog, and stay at the cafés opposite to watch the sunset. The visual consists of the woman's hair which is die-cut in the billboard to capture the variations of Koleston Naturals colors through the different phases of the day and night».

Cliente: Procter & Gamble
Agência: Leo Burnett, Beirute, Líbano
Director Criativo Executivo: Bechara Mouzannar
Director Criativo: Celine Khoury
Art Director: Areej Mahmood, Caroline Farra e Yasmina Baz

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