Online: Fifa street – Extreme Street Football

Wieden & Kennedy are the creative masterminds behind this campaign. The Creative Director Mark Bernath says: "We wanted the different pieces of work to make the consumer say, 'Did I just see what I think I saw?' "and they truly lived up to that goal. The campaign consists of several pieces, among them the viral videos, TV, banner and print elements, all leading to an interactive experience at

The video features a mix of capoeira and parkour moves combined with football kicks in a very impressive way. It taps into peoples curiosity and prompts the question "Is this for real?" Some moves seem too improbable, but others could very well be real, and that makes it a very interesting conversation starter, that pulls the audience closer to the brand.
The campaign was launched across Europe
with GoViral seeding it in UK and Denmark, starting on the 28th of January. To date this seeding has generated more than 549 000 UK views, over 118 000 danish and a total of 2 984 000 views internationally. The campaign is still growing with more than 100 000 views per day.

Watch the videos


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