You the Designer and Mini Contest

Win Two Free T-Shirts of Your Choice!

Allmightys is known for their great designer t-shirts and competitions and they were kind enough to sponsor this mini contest and provide one lucky winner with two awesome free t-shirts! Their design competitions are great because if you win you get a commission for every shirt sold, so keep any eye on their most recent competitions if you have a talent for designing t-shirts.

About the Contest
As designers we tend to spend countless hours in front of the computer screen so in a previous article how important it is to get fresh air once in a while. Venturing outdoors is a great way to clear your mind and many artists find nature incredibly inspirational. This is why we wanted to start a discussion about why you love the outdoors! Do you skateboard, hike, jump put of planes, or just lay on the grass and look at the clouds? Whatever it is we want to know!

How to Enter
Simply write about why you love the outdoors in the form of a comment to this post. Please write at least one sentence, thats all you have to do! The contest begins now and one winner will be chosen by me and announced Monday, March 24th of 2008.
Contest Prizes

Two free t-shirts of your choice from!

Contest Begins: Monday, March 10th of 2008
Contest Ends: Monday, March 24th of 2008

Additional Comments and Rules
Please provide a valid email so you can be contacted if you win
We reserve the right to not approve any comments we deem inappropriate
Minimum Age Limit: 13+
Winner can pick any tee from the store
Package and postage included and international shipping available

Check out!
Don’t forget to check out’s designer t-shirts and contests. I look forward to reading the comments!


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