Tutorial: Computer Arts - Illustrating fashion

Follow Cybèle as she develops a sketch for a spring 2008 accessories collection into a completed fashion illustration.

When working on a fashion assignment, it’s important to dress the characters not in what is being worn at the time you create it, but what will be worn when the illustration is published and afterwards. So it’s essential for fashion illustrators to keep up to date with the current and upcoming fashion collections and street trends.

For this tutorial, New York based illustrator Cybèle scoured the spring 2008 collections online. Her interpretation of the upcoming spring fashions is that they are heavily influenced by surrealism and the lines of the 1930s – especially the shoes, which were made to resemble a range of objects from wings to teacups to fish. Taking particular inspiration from one pair of shoes from Balenciaga with heels like a birdcage, Cybèle did some additional research into surrealist art and photography to get a further sense of the time period. Once you’ve done your own particular research, keep a folder of files to look at while working on the drawing. Then create some very rough scribbles of your composition, and begin your sketch, either on paper or directly in Illustrator using a Wacom tablet.

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