Livros: Duas boas sugestões ICOGRADA

Worldwide Identity:
Inspired Design from 40 Countries, by Robert L. Peters
Identity lies at the very core of culture, and is the key to our understanding of self. Understanding culture is imperative in avoiding identity crisis and rootlessness, and is a prerequisite for the effective shaping of identities and communication. Designers worldwide have given shape to the identities of corporations, organizations, locations, events, products, and services that surround us. This inspirational book showcases over 300 identities from around the globe and explicates the process of identity design by defining both the Brief and the Solution. This book's clear and concise manner assists readers in seeing how innovative, distinctive, and appropriate identities arise from designers' thorough understanding of mandate and cultural context.


Masters of the 20th Century, by Mervyn Kurlansky
This large and heavy book is full of inspiration from our founding fathers in the design world. I had the opportunity to hear Mervyn Kurlansky speak at a design conference a few months ago, and he described how long design took before computers made things nice and easy. This book is full of work by designers who had to use "old-fashioned" ways to get their results.


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