Concurso: Amenican Red Cross Youth Design Contest

Greetings from the National Youth Council. We represent one-third of American Red Cross volunteers. We bring our creativity and passion to the lifesaving work of the Red Cross.

This year, the National Youth Council is launching a contest to create a modern t-shirt design just for young blood donors. While supplies last, all presenting donors on a high school or college campus in the United States will receive this snazzy shirt as a thank you gift.

Participate. Design a tee that represents the significance of blood donation, the gift of life. Create something edgy that high school and college students will want to wear. Need some inspiration? Visit to learn more about blood donors and recipients of blood products.

If your design is chosen, it will be screened on up to 600,000 shirts and distributed nationwide. Your design will be worn by young people all over the United States.

Help to spread the word!

Contest Poster
Contest Flyer

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